Ever Since Esme was built in honour of our daughter who was born on the 18th of February 2022. ​

The brand was created from my feeling of wanting to be able to wear a sign or badge to show my loss. To show not only that I was suffering but also that I have a daughter I want to talk about. Every parent feels proud and wants to show off their child, all of which I feel just without my daughter here to show it.

This began my desire to create products that would initiate difficult conversations. To show their loved ones off in their own special way and in turn help fellow grievers feel less alone.

Grief, especially baby loss is one of the loneliest journeys a person can go through. We live in a society where grief isn't necessarily spoken about and most are encouraged to quickly move on. People often feel too uncomfortable discussing loss but It's our mission to change that. We want to encourage people not to feel ashamed to share their stories and their pain.

With products ranging from clothing, care packages to journals and guides, we hope there's something for everyone and provide support to those who really need it.


Losing our beautiful Esme crushed every single part of me and shattered my heart into a million pieces. I truly didn't know how I would survive such an immense loss but I am proud to say I have and I am here living every day for our baby girl.

My husband & and I had a long journey to get pregnant with our little miracle. We had been trying to conceive for 7 years, experienced multiple miscarriages, endometriosis surgery, 2 rounds of IVF, and a battle against natural killer cells.

Esme is the little miracle we thought we would never be lucky enough to have and will always be the center of our family. We include her in each and every day just as if she were still here, that’s most important to us.

One of my biggest motivators for starting this brand was to create a legacy for her. It's incredibly important to me to do good in Esme's name and create the legacy she deserves. My biggest hope with the brand is that we can be a source of support for others suffering a huge loss.