Why we love yellow

Why we love yellow

Why the yellow??...

The very first time we met our sweet Esme was when the midwives wrapped her in blankets and placed a very special hat on her. We hadn’t chosen for this to happen, we’d planned to have her given straight to us but I wasn’t well at the end of the surgery. The first thing we noticed was the knitted hat they’d put on her. It felt like a gift sent to us, being such a bright yellow because we’d always said how she’s our ray of sunshine, it felt so fitting. At that moment yellow instantly became her thing.

We lost Esme in February which meant it was spring and all the Daffodils were out. When we eventually had to leave her and the hospital it was like a sea of yellow. Not only were they beautiful but it also helped us to feel she was still all around us. Whenever we’d see them, they gave us a reason to smile just as now the colour yellow continues to.

We take her lovely hat with us on trips and special places we go to as it’s comforting to feel she’s making memories with us too. Also, lots of people get her yellow gifts and keepsakes, which means so much to know others are thinking of her too.

I include yellow in Ever Since Esme any way I can. I love making and adding mini yellow bouquets to parcels so that she’s involved and features yellow in any photos. My hope is that Esme’s brightness will bring a smile to others too.
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