To my sweet girl

To my sweet girl

Last week we found this beautiful flower meadow on the second anniversary of you being transferred. Seeing this yellow flower put the biggest smile on my face and it felt so special on such a significant day.

Before losing you neither your dad nor I were big on ‘signs’ but now it helps us to feel close to you. These moments also feel just too coincidental to not be from you.

This week we’ve had lots of important days to juggle but felt more of your messages and have talked about you more than ever. We found a feather under our bed, at a time when we most needed to know everything was going to be okay, just to find a white feather under our bed.

People say how we’re so strong the way we carry on after baby loss, but I truly believe the majority of that strength comes from you our girl. The one that always guides us through.

There’s never not a time I’m not thinking of you. I love you so much my beautiful girl, please keep showing me the way xxxx
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