Creating conversations

Creating conversations

To a parent who has a child who passed away, keeping their name in conversations is a key part of preserving their memory. As a loss mum myself, I know first-hand how essential it is to be able to cope. The biggest worry a parent has is that their child will be forgotten, which is why talking about them is crucial.

It’s not always easy to bring your baby up in conversation and you don’t always feel like you can which is why having conversation starters is so important. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve sat amongst friends or family and felt desperate to talk about Esme but either didn’t feel able to or struggled to find a way. Leading to an even deeper sadness and anger at her not being there.

These reasons are what lead me to feel strongly about creating products which encourage people to talk. To remove the fear of bringing up difficult subjects. By wearing a sweatshirt with ever since Esme or someone I love lives in heaven it’s led to people asking what it resembles, meaning the beginning of a discussion which otherwise wouldn’t have happened. Wearing a sweatshirt shows a person is open and wants to share which therefore lets others know it’s ok to talk about.

Sharing our struggles often encourages others to do the same, leading to it helping not just one person but two. Anytime I write about mental health, loss or infertility, I have an influx of messages of people opening up and sharing their stories too. By one person being brave it allows others to find the courage to do the same. Starting a ripple effect and then having a positive impact on many.
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