Baby loss is lonely

Baby loss is lonely

Baby loss is one of the loneliest times of life; it feels as though no one understands your pain like you’re drowning in a dark hole. Typically people feel too uncomfortable to talk about grief and this leads to isolation. The exact reason we need to start creating conversations.

There have been countless occasions where I’ve wanted to bring our daughter up or been desperate for someone else to speak about her. I often don’t have the confidence to start the conversation myself because I don’t want to make others feel uncomfortable and this is why I designed our sweatshirts. They bring me the ability to start a conversation as well as encourage others.

I will never be able to express what a difference it makes to a griever to mention their loved one's name without being prompted. Never underestimate what a difference it makes. If you know someone grieving, know that something as small as mentioning their name will mean everything to them.

Here are some other suggestions which can help:
• Share something you love about them.
• Ask to see pictures of them.
• Discuss a memory of them.
• Ask the griever what they miss most.
• Share how the loss has affected you.

We can all learn and grow from each other if we just open up. Let's be the positive change we want to see in the world. If we all share our stories, we can help ourselves and others as well.
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